Aug 152012

I wanted to share my first YouTube video regarding my work from home opportunity!

When I began my work at home journey, I began looking at what other MCA Associates were doing to gather their leads; I wanted to follow those that were already successful in this business and find out what worked well for them. One of the most popular means of Internet marketing for MCA Associates was by making videos on YouTube. I was a little leery of making a video at first; I do not really like showing myself to the world and I was not sure I could properly express the true meaning of the MCA benefits program.

This program is easy to understand and actually easy to promote. MCA benefits actually sell the program, without a lot of extra effort. If you have not had a chance to see the great benefits offered by Motor Clubs of America, check out this pdf:

All of the benefits listed in the above linked pdf are provided to every MCA Associate and MCA member. As you can see, the benefits are great and truly outshine the other similar programs out on the market. Having such quality benefits to market, made it very easy to make a quality video about a product that I myself have used and trust. If you are looking for a way to make money from home, this is definitely a program you want to check out; it has provided me with the ability to increase my income and continue to work from home.

After I did a little research, I realized that I was more than capable of making an informative work from home video about making money with MCA. Below is my very first attempt.

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Aug 132012
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With all of the different opportunities regarding how to make money online, while working at home, it can be difficult to choose one that truly works for you. Before trying my hand at MCA, I tried several other opportunities—good, solid opportunities—that just did not fit into my life. I knew there had to be something out there that would allow me to work at home, care for my children on my own and still be able to earn an income; so, I kept looking. That is when I found information regarding MCA motor club.

I have to admit that I am normally leery of any opportunity that promises you can make money right away, especially a large amount of money. However, Motor Club of America seemed promising. I read up on the company, checked it out with the better business bureau and spoke to individuals who claimed to be making a living with MCA. Once I was satisfied with the authenticity of the company, I decided to join the MCA work at home opportunity and see if I could actually make money with the company.  To my surprise, and absolute delight, MCA turned out to be exactly what everyone promised, a solid money making business.

How the MCA Opportunity Works

Thankfully, making money with MCA is not rocket science, and even though it requires effort, it is not difficult. MCA, or Motor Club of America, offers a needed service that helps motorists when their vehicle is broken down. Besides the roadside assistance program, MCA also offers an abundance of other benefits equally valuable to MCA customers. As an MCA Associate, I simply share the value of the program benefits with other individuals, all while I work at home. I earn $80.00 every time someone decides to take part in the program benefits or chooses to become an MCA Associate him or herself. That is right, $80.00 for every person that I sign up for MCA. During the 1st three weeks with MCA, I made over $1,500.00 dollars; below you can see my statement showing the exact amount.

Staceys three week income21 How to make money while you work at home with MCA

My income with MCA the first three weeks!

As you can see, my payments steadily grew within the company, and all I have done is market the program on different Internet websites, such as Facebook and others. The absolute best thing about this opportunity is that MCA provides weekly paychecks to its associates, meaning I do not have to wait forever to receive my paycheck. I am paid each Friday for my work from the following week.

MCA has offered me a great work at home opportunity and is allowing me to make money from home just by sharing my story with people just like you.

Would you like to earn a legitimate income from home, without having to jump through hoops? Have questions? Click the link below and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.


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