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scam photo 300x225 <h1>Tips to avoid Scams when choosing a Work from Home Job or Business</h1>

Is that perfect work from home job really a SCAM?
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Being able to work from home is a dream for many individuals; unfortunately, many people are taken advantage of when attempting to find the right opportunity. I n the past, I have fallen victim to some of these schemes. Many work at home scams offer you instant money for little to no work at all, while others promise big bucks for following their plan and then simply take your money.

I have put together some tips on what to look out for when searching for online work from home opportunities. Scams are all over the internet, and knowing what to look out for is the first step in avoiding scams altogether. Follow the tips listed below to find out how to avoid scams.


Investigate the Job Listing

Many work from home jobs do not offer a lot of information regarding exactly what you will be doing. The specifics of the job may not be listed due to a spacing issue; however, the company or individual may be hiding something – SCAM ALERT! Ask questions pertaining to how much you will be paid for the job; is it salary based, hourly or will you receive a commission. You also want to find out how often the company pays its employees and what form of payment they use. Before taking any work from home job, you also want to find out if you need any specialized equipment or software. You do not want to take any job where you are required to pay out of pocket for a lot of extras—not knowing if you are going to actually make money with the job in the first place.

Avoid Get Rich Quick Schemes

While I have seen some work from home jobs that were much easier to make money with than others were, I have never come across any program where you can make millions of dollars and not have to do any real work. Let me point out that there are real work at home programs on the Internet where you can make a lot of money, but YOU WILL have to put work into it. Beware of anything that offers millions for part time work.

Look for Testimonials or Recommendations


If you have never heard of the company, try looking for testimonials from people who actually work for the company or are affiliated with it. Do not be afraid to actually email individuals who claim to work for the company; you have a right to know what you are getting into before you start. You may want to go as far as emailing the company for references of people that work for them. If you cannot find out anything about the company—at all—walk away!

Stay Away from Too Good to Be True Opportunities

If something seems just out of this world, offering a miracle way to make money, chances are it is a SCAM. Too good to be true opportunities are simply a way to take your hard earned dollars away from you—not to help you earn more. While opportunities that promise to make you rich can be enticing, use your common sense; no true miracle opportunity exists.

Check the Better Business Bureau


Always check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to see if the company you are applying with is listed on their website. You can find out if any negative claims have been submitted, or if the company has a clean listing. I always check with the BBB before even considering any opportunity.

While there are some other things that you can do to ensure that the work from opportunity you are considering is not a scam, these tips are a good place to start. Avoid scams at all costs to ensure that you do not lose money and waste time with a fraudulent opportunity.

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ID 10095450 199x300 The Only Roadside Assistance Phone Number You Need

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I have talked a lot about the business aspect of MCA, but not so much about how they have the only roadside assistance phone number you are ever going to need. MCA, Motor Club of America, has one of the best home based businesses to promote simply because they have the best benefits package out there. The MCA benefits package offers quality customer service when you are broken down on the road due to a flat tire, being out of gas or mechanical failure—as well as any other reason you can possibly think of that you would be stranded by the road.

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Why You Need this Roadside Assistance Phone Number

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