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ID 100108244 300x300 <h1>How to Prioritize your Priorities</h1>

How do you prioritize when everything is a priority?
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When you work from home, and have several tasks to complete each day, it can be difficult to know which priority should always be the top priority. There may be times when everything is a priority or at least it feels like everything is a priority—during these times, it is important to learn how to sort through your different tasks so you know where to start.

If you aren’t sure where to start—when one task is just as important as another—sort your priorities based on which task can be finished in the least amount of time. If you have two assignments, or tasks, that are of the same importance, finishing up the task that will take the least amount of time will allow you to complete one whole task and move on quickly to the next.

On the other hand, if a task is time sensitive, it should—of course—be moved to the top of the pile. These tasks should be completed first simply due to the fact that it has a deadline. After you finish any task with a deadline, you can start on the next priority that will take the shortest amount of time.

Now, what about those tasks that are going to take up a lot of your time? If a task is going to take several days or weeks to complete, try splitting up the tasks into smaller pieces. With smaller chunks of a task you can also work on other time sensitive materials in-between finishing the smaller chunks of long tasks.

One big no-no that I would caution against would be putting tasks off until the last minute. Even if you think you are going to have time to finish the task at the eleventh hour, don’t risk it. Senior work from home individuals will tell you that this type of action can get you into a lot of trouble—and raise your stress level. Try setting a “fake” deadline from 3 days to 7 days before the actual deadline. This gives you some time for human error and a little time to breathe.

How do you prioritize your priorities?

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Feb 152013
woman working 300x199 <h1>Do you have the right personality type to succeed while working from home?</h1>

Do you have the right personality type to work from home?
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I have talked to you before about working from home successfully and offered 5 Tips to A Successful Work from Home Career; but, today, I want to talk to you about working from home and your personality. Recently, I ran across an article on WAHM.com. The article, “Is Working from Home Right for Your Personality Type?”, talks about the different personalities exhibited by various people and whether each is a good fit for a work from home job or business.

The article lists the following personality types: self-starter, Introvert, Extrovert and Problem Solver. Each of these different personality types possess different attributes that help each person succeed while working from home.

The article talks about how each of the attributes possessed by the specific personality types can cause an individual to better perform specific tasks relevant to successfully working from home. For example: self-starters have leadership abilities and do not need direction from outside individuals. These traits are perfect for the work from home individual as they will be responsible for completing their own tasks and will not (most often) have a boss watching their productivity. Another example lists Introverts as being energized when working alone. These individuals would rather work by themselves, without the influence of other individuals.

I found this article very interesting and insightful. I, myself, fall into the Extrovert category. I pride myself in being a good communicator and I enjoy sharing my opportunity with individuals on the phone or online.

What work from home personality are you?

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Feb 132013
Welcome Wednesdays 300x225 <h1>Welcome Wednesdays Presents Melony Gilstrap and Legit Online Work from Home</h1>

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Here we are again, it is Welcome Wednesdays time! I hope all of you will decide to stop by and leave your information, so we can showcase your blog.

Today the work from home blog we are going to talk about is Legit Online Work from Home. This blog is run by Melony Gilstrap, who is also an MCA associate, like me. Besides promoting MCA, Melony offers valuable information on how to work from home successfully.

Melony has written articles such as 5 Reasons People Fail at Legit Online Work from Home Opportunities.

Stop by Melony’s blog and show her some work from home blog love!

Leave information about your work from home blog and you could be featured in our Welcome Wednesdays post!

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Feb 062013
Welcome Wednesdays 300x225 <h1>Introducing Welcome Wednesdays</h1>

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For weeks now I have been telling you about my work from home opportunity and writing posts that I feel will help you in your work from home journey. Now, I have decided to take a little time each week to learn about YOUR blogs and business opportunities.

Every Wednesday, I hope to showcase a new blog and help us all share a little information across the web.

To get this started, I am asking all of you to promote your blogs in the comment section. After I receive a few submissions, I will choose a new blog to talk about each week.

I think that this will be a great way to share information about all of our opportunities!

So, let’s get Sharing! Leave your information in the comments below!

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ID 10056746 150x150 <h1>Do Reliable Work From Home Jobs Exist?</h1>

While reliable work from home jobs exist, you must put in time and effort to turn a profit.
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Are you at the point of giving up your work from home job search? Do not quit just yet; I can assure you that reliable work from home jobs exist—even though those jobs may be few and far between.

When people ask my opinion on working from home, I often tell them that it may take them a while to find the perfect opportunity. You may not uncover your perfect opportunity right away; it may take a lot of searching, and some trial and error, before you find that perfect work from home job.

What I really want to talk to you about today is sticking with an opportunity long enough to see an income. I have been working with Motor Club of America for a few months now and have made almost $12,000.00. That is quite a bit of money for part time work; however, if I had given up during the first few weeks or months, I wouldn’t have made any money from this business. While reliable work from home jobs exist within Motor Club of America, it will take a little work and time to get this business started. The first couple of months of my MCA career did not produce a large amount of money; I had to put some time into my business posting ads and drawing attention to my website before the money became steady. Now, after 7 months of working my business, I have made almost $12,000.00—which was definitely worth the first few months of wondering whether or not the income would show up.

My message for today is not to give up before you give your opportunity a chance. Any work from home opportunity takes time and effort—no opportunity is going to automatically hand you money—you have to actually do the work. Reliable work from home jobs exist; however, you have to put in the effort and time to see a profit.

What reliable work from home jobs exist that you are aware of?

Check out my latest video about Motor Club of America and working from home.

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