Apr 112013

Understanding How the MCA Benefits Program Works

You might be considering becoming a MCA Associate, but wondering what MCA benefits are available to you. MCA associates receive all the benefits of the MCA Protection Plan that the members receive, and they get the added benefit of earning a weekly paycheck

MCA associates receive 24-hour roadside assistance, as well as all of the other benefits outlined in the MCA Presentation Book. MCA associates also receive free training to help them grow their income by promoting the MCA benefits program. That is right; no experience is required to become a MCA associate. You train as you earn and work at your own pace. MCA associates have control over their own hours and complete flexibility. This is especially beneficial for stay at home moms, or dads, who have little children to take care of, as they have to  work around their children’s schedule.

One of the many MCA benefits that associates enjoy is the weekly paycheck. Associates will receive their paycheck every Friday either by direct deposit. The paycheck can range from $80 to over $1000, depending on how many new members the associate signs up. This could be a great way to supplement your income or could become a full-time job. 

MCA benefits received by members of the MCA Protection Plan also extend to MCA associates. They also have access to the roadside assistance program to help with any highway mishaps. This includes flat tires, dead batteries and towing services up to 100 miles. This plan also provides for hospital stays, and has an accidental death coverage and benefit plan. Associates can take advantage of hotel and rental car discounts as well as discounts on vision and dental care and prescriptions. 

Obtaining MCA Benefits is Easy

Simply sign up and begin receiving these great MCA benefits. Becoming an associate can provide you with a secondary income or put you on the way to a full-time career. As with any job, that all depends on the work you put into it. You can put in a few hours a week or as much time as you have available—and you will quickly see the rewards from your efforts. The best way to experience what MCA benefits there are is to jump in and become a member.

Apr 092013

Are you considering work at home employment?


ID 10067211 300x300 <h1>Why More People are Choosing Work at Home Employment</h1>

Today, many people are choosing work from home employment over traditional office jobs.
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In these times of rising gas prices and long commutes, work at home employment is quickly becoming a more viable option.  While not for everyone, those individuals with strict time-management skills and a little ingenuity can thrive in the work at home environment.  Work at home employment can be beneficial for those looking to supplement their income or who want a full-time career at home.  Yet, as with any line of work, home employment depends on the time and effort put into it to be successful.

Work at home employment requires commitment in order to accomplish your goals.  When starting out, determine the amount of time you have to dedicate to the job.  Whether you are working as a freelance writer or doing telephone work from home, you should approach it as a normal job with a set schedule.  This may take some trial and error, but soon it’ll become clear how much time you have and what hours work best for you.  Also, allow yourself time for breaks while working, especially if you find yourself getting frustrated.

The working environment is another key factor in work at home employment.  Making a home office relatively free of distractions usually works best.  Laptops make it easier to take your work to the couch or down to a fast food restaurant, but most people are more productive if they have a regular work space.  This makes it easier to focus on the task at hand.

One reason some are wary of work at home employment is the risk in not knowing about how much income it could generate.  It is best to approach working at home like getting into a hot bath, ease your way in slowly.  If you have a full-time job, keep it; on your days off, or after work, commit some time to your work at home job and see if it suits you.  Also, there are many types of work at home employment so it’s best to diversify.  Try several different types of work at home jobs until you find the one that best suits you and can generate enough income.

Work at home employment can be risky, but it can also be rewarding. It allows for more time at home which many with small children find advantageous.  Also, the commute from the bedroom to the home work space is less crowded and saves gas.  Yet, with any job, your success is determined by your effort.

For more information on how you can begin your work at home career with my favorite home business (MCA), click here!

Apr 082013

stacey logo What is MCA?When people begin asking what I do for a living, the next question I normally receive is what is MCA? In this post, I am going to attempt to give you a rundown of MCA, also known as Motor Club of America and the basics of the associate’s compensation plan.

MCA was founded in 1926, when it began providing roadside assistance coverage to truck drivers. After a long, successful run, MCA decided that the MCA benefits plan should include personal automobiles and farm vehicles; so, in October 2011, MCA’s protection plan was changed to include those types of vehicles.

MCA offers a valuable roadside assistance service, providing help when you have a dead battery, a flat tire or need to be towed up to 100 miles from where your vehicle breakdown occurred. While these benefits are a must-have for anyone with an automobile, MCA also provides an emergency room benefit, a hospital stay benefit, an accidental death benefit and a prescription drug discount card—along with other various benefits.

In explaining what is MCA, I need to let you know that it is not only a benefits protection plan for you and your vehicle; but, also a way to earn a substantial income from home. MCA does not advertise through television, radio or other normal means of commercial advertisement. Instead, Motor club of America depends on its associates, who are also members of MCA, to provide word of mouth advertising about the company’s outstanding benefits. With this type of advertising, MCA associates earn $80 for every new member they personally bring to MCA. If you sign up just one person 5 days a week, you would earn $400 each week. Could you use an extra $400 each week?

Now when asked what is MCA, I let everyone know what a great company Motor Club of America is and how they can earn a profitable income with MCA. This company provides individuals with a means to work at home and provides a competitive wage. Where else can you make $80 every time you bring someone else into a program? Whether you would like the have the peace of mind that comes with being an MCA member or you would like to earn an extra income as an MCA associate, MCA may be for you.

If you would like to know more about the great MCA benefits program or still have questions regarding what is MCA, leave a comment below or contact me at info@MCAworkfromhome.com.

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