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ID 100128912 Why I Started the MCA Work at Home Website

My goal is to help people earn a living at home with my MCA work at home blog. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/



A lot of people ask me what I do to advertise my MCA business, and while I do have other advertising outlets, my MCA work at home website is my number one means of advertisement. I started my blog because I wanted to get the word out about my business and how it could help people make an income while at home. Along the way, I decided that I would share other types of information with those looking to earn an at home income. Information such as Why You Aren’t Making Money Online and Tips for the Work at Home Mom or Dad.

While I started the MCA Work at Home blog with the initial thought of increasing my MCA income, I quickly saw the potential to help other people. When I began working at home, years ago, I knew nothing about how to make money online or how to sift through the many opportunities on the Internet. I had to learn. I read all that I could, I made friends with individuals who were trying to make money online as well and I tried lots of different business formats. It took time to find things that really worked—but I have.

I hope that all of you, my viewers, find my MCA work at home blog useful—not only for MCA, but also with all of your work at home challenges. I hope to bring you more useful information in the future—information that will help you learn how to better run your work at home business and maybe even help you find other ways of earning money online—like my MCA work at home website has done for me.

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Many individuals who set out to start making money online are able to succeed; a fraction of those individuals succeed in a huge way—earning a substantial income. There are other individuals, however, who attempt an online career only to fail. These are the individuals I want to talk about—and talk to—in this blog post.

This post is going to get a little real. If you aren’t making money online and you fall under any of the five topics I am going to discuss, you have to step up and realize that you are setting yourself up for failure. Every online entrepreneur or online business owner makes mistakes. What is important is that we realize those mistakes and learn to move past those mistakes and earn an online income.

Take a look at the three reasons you aren’t making money online I have listed below, and ask yourself “Am I guilty of this?”.

  1. You’ve quit before you’ve gotten started. If you have told yourself that you are going to make money instantly with your new online business, you are kidding yourself. Making money online is harder than earning money at a normal job—especially if you are marketing a product or relying on website traffic. When you start your online career, you need to expect that you are going to have a waiting period—a waiting period where you will have to work hard in order to see some success. You will have to jump a few hurdles in your online business and that will take time. Don’t quit after two weeks thinking you should have instantly built an income.

  2. You assumed making money online would be easy. Get that thought out of your head right now because making money online is not easy. Now there are a few exceptions to the rule; people who have rolled out a new idea that instantly blew up the market. Unfortunately, the odds are that person won’t be you. Don’t worry, it wasn’t me either. I have, however, learned how to earn a good income online—but I had to work to make it happen. Working online is harder than holding an outside job because in many aspects—especially if you are going to have to work your way up to sales.

  3. You didn’t plan ahead. There is a lot I could say about this topic. First off, if you are quitting a job to start your online adventure ( a job that offers you a weekly paycheck ) you need to plan ahead before you quit. You are going to have to have money to live on while you are building your online income—and you may not want to dip into your savings if you have any. Don’t just quit and think you will make money right away (see topic 2 again), know how much money you need to get by and don’t quit until you can financially afford it.

    You will also need to have an online business plan. Know exactly what you are going to do to make money and have at least two backups, just in case the first one doesn’t pan out. I believe in multiple streams of income. I don’t just make money with MCA, although it is my main breadwinner at this point. I earn income with a few other things—so if my MCA income isn’t huge one week, I still made some money from my other ventures. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! Plan everything out. Research all of the different online money making activities you want to participate in—before you begin your online money making journey.


Aug 202013

Last week we talked about finding your niche and to go about choosing a niche that you can effectively write about week after week. Today, I want to talk about how to find the perfect audience for that niche. Finding the right audience is extremely important if you are to have any success with your blog—no mater the function of your blog or website.

Finding your niche audience means finding people who are interested in your service, product or information. Think about it this way; if you are selling skateboards, your target audience will not be females between the age of 60 and 80 who like to knit. Likewise, if you are offering information on homeschooling, your target audience will not be men between the age of 18 and 30 who enjoy paintball. Before you can have a successful blog, you have know exactly who your blog is being written for and where to find those individuals.

When attempting to identify your target audience, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who is looking for the product, service or infomation you provide? Who would benefit most from what you ahve to offer.

  2. How is your product, service or information different than the other similar items on the market? What is the benefit to those looking for these items?

  3. What is the common element between the individuals who will want what I have to offer?

While there are other questions that will help you further determine your target audience, these questions help you sort through some of the obvious issues. Knowing who your niche audience is helps you to provide them a quality product or service and also helps you to develop blog posts that they will find interesting and helpful.

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ID 100109829 Work At Home Tips – Finding Your Niche

Want to start a blog? You will need to find your Niche!
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I have had a lot of people ask me about making money online, so I have decided to do a series on work at home tips. While I frequently tell you about my MCA business, I also want to help you make money in other ways. MCA is an awesome business, but it isn’t for everyone. Some people enjoy affiliate marketing, reviewing products or simply blogging for money. In this first blog post, I want to talk about blogging and finding your blogging niche.

If you have considered starting a blog, but weren’t sure what to blog about, this post is for you. The first thing you need to do when starting a blog is to figure out what niche you fall into. So, let’s get started!

What Exactly is A Niche?

A niche is the term used to describe what your blog is going to talk about. What will the main topic of the blog be—for many people, this can be hard to figure out. While I share the wonders of MCA with all of you, my main niche is “work from home”. I chose this niche not only to advertise my MCA business but to help people who want to start a work from home career, but don’t know how. The niche you choose will depend on what you want to share with the world. The type of business you are running—if you are running a business. And, the things you are passionate about.

Niche Examples

  • Entertainment
  • Crafts
  • Books
  • Weight Loss
  • Work at Home Ideas

The possibilities are truly endless; however, your niche needs to relate to something that you are truly interested in or you will become bored with blogging.

Before you choose your niche, think about what is important to you. Do you home school your children? Are you an avid crafter? Do you love Hollywood Gossip? Any of these topics would make a great niche blog.

I would suggest that you make a list of all of the things you enjoy or have an interest in—begin with the most important and work your way down. Think about each of these topics and ask yourself if you are going to be comfortable with writing about this topic on a weekly basis. If you aren’t, move on to another topic.

Once you have chosen your niche, it is time to research. Which we will talk about next time.

Question to all of my blogging friends. What niche do you write about?

pixel Work At Home Tips – Finding Your Niche