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ID 10033097 300x216 <h1>Why Motor Club of America is Perfect for Stay at Home Moms</h1>

Motor Club of America is the perfect home business for many stay at home moms. “Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

Many stay at home moms are looking to become work at home moms in order to help provide for their families. Raising a family with one income can be difficult—and raising a family without any income is impossible. If you are a stay at home mom who needs to earn an income—for any reason—I want to introduce you to my opportunity—Motor Club of America.

I am sure that you have heard of Motor Club of America, or MCA. You may have heard that it isn’t worth your time, that it can’t earn you an income or that it is a scam. All of these statements are totally false. I have been working Motor Club of America for almost two years and last year I was able to add over $56,000 to my family’s income. I‘m not sharing my income to brag, but to show stay at home moms that they too can earn a viable income while being home for/with their families. If I can do it, you can too!

Why is Motor Club of America perfect for stay at home moms?


With Motor Club of America you can work around your family’s schedule. You don’t have to have set hours every day. You can attend baseball and soccer games. You can take care of your children when they are sick. You can even still take your children to daily or weekly play-dates. Motor Club of America allows you to set your own schedule—giving you the flexibility you need to raise your kids and enjoy your family life.

Take Care of Household Chores

When you work outside of the home you can’t throw in a load of laundry or pick up groceries during your work day. With Motor Club of America, you can! Don’t get me wrong, you still need to devote a good amount of time to your business, but you can work it around the other things you need to do during your day. Get up in the morning and toss the laundry in before you go through your emails. Dry and fold the laundry after you have posted to your business blog. You can actually free up more time in the evening by mufti-tasking during your work day.

Save Money

When you work outside of the home, you incur a lot of incidental costs. You spend money on work clothes to help you look the part. You spend money on lunches; almost no one bags their lunch every single day. And let’s not even get into the cost of gasoline for your commute to and from work. All of these costs add up and can quickly make your weekly paycheck look like pocket change. When you work from home with Motor Club of America, you don’t incur any of these costs.

Be Your Own Boss

Mom’s are normally the boss when it comes to running the workings of the household and taking care of the kids. Why not be the boss of your own business? Stay at home moms have a lot to do during the day. You already know that your tasks require you to be diligent, hardworking, well organized and patient. Those sure sound like good traits for a business owner to have.

You Are in Charge of Your Income

When you work a job with an hourly pay scale, you only earn that hourly pay for the amount of hours you work per week. While this is something we all know and understand, not everyone understands that you have more control over your pay when you run your own business. When you work with Motor Club of America, there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn each week. Granted, the harder you work at promoting the company, and the opportunity, the more you will make. However, it is in your hands. Not the hands of people hiring you at an hourly scale.

If you are a stay at home mom who is looking to earn a part time, or even full time income, contact me regarding Motor Club of America. I will explain the process and company to you and show you how MCA can help you earn a substantial income.

If you are interested, or would like more information, please leave a comment below or email me at info@MCAworkfromhome.com.

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!


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ID 100183521 300x199 Boost Your Blog Traffic Tip #4 – Utilize Social Media

Utilize Social Media websites to help increase your blog traffic.
“Image courtesy of ddpavumba / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”

Social media promotion scares some people. True fact! Others just don’t see the need to put time and effort into building a social media presence—or they simply don’t take the time to build their presence up. And then you have the people who post on social media every now and then and hope that it will help build up their traffic, without having to put out a lot of effort. Are you in one of these groups?

Today, I want to offer my boost your blog traffic tip #4, which is how to effectively utilize social media to help increase your blog traffic. Now, let me say that I am also preaching to myself with my post. There is so much more I can do to help build up profiles. I have recently written up a social media plan that will help increase my traffic and I want to share these tips with you.

If you are like many bloggers, you may not be sure where to promote your blog. Everyone has a few sites they frequent, but if you want to draw in new blog readers you must branch out to other areas. If you are overlooking social media platforms, you are missing out. Everyone is using social media these days—FaceBook, Twitter, Linked-In, etc. The key, however, is not just to post every now and then and then hope for the best. When you are building up your presence, you are building relationships. You are showing your followers that their comments, likes and posts mean something to you. You need to interact with those following you. So while you may be using social media, maybe you aren’t simply using it effectively.

Post Daily—And Often

You don’t always have to promote yourself, but you should post frequently if you want to build up your  presence. Posting on Monday and not again until Wednesday may catch a few eyes, but it won’t give you the type of attention you want and need. Don’t wait until you have written a blog post to post to social media sites. Post links of blogs you read—if the material will be interesting to your readers. Sharing relevant blog posts is good for both your blog and the owner of the post you are sharing. Post inspirational quotes, funny anecdotes or internet memes that your followers will enjoy.

You need to make it easy for your social media followers to find your blog. Don’t rely on the fact that they will follow every post to your blog. Place your blog URL directly in your profile for all to see—even if they are just skimming your profile for information.

Interact with Your Followers

Believe it or not, your followers want to know they matter. If they are taking time to comment on your posts, take the time to answer. While you may not always be able to reply to all comments, you can definitely show you are paying attention by commenting on some. Building relationships is crucial!

Make Your Blog Sharable

Sharing is caring….and it helps get you noticed by more people. Add social sharing icons that make it easy for individuals to share your blog posts with one click. With plug-ins you can add social sharing icons to the side, top and/or bottom of your posts.

Social media can be your ticket to immensely increasing your blog traffic. Make a plan for all of your social media marketing and stick with it.

What tips do you have for marketing on social media platforms?

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day.

Boost Your Blog Traffic Tip #1

Boost Your Blog Traffic Tip #2

Boost Your Blog Traffic Tip #3

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Apr 232014

I thought I would take a break from my usual posts today and show you something very funny.

Yesterday, while looking for homes to to purchase for my other business, we found some stray kittens–which we rescued and have been able to place in new homes. When I picked one of my daughters from school, she was less than thrilled about the visitors we had ridding with us in the box. I thought she would be excited–boy, was I wrong.

Take a look at what happened when the kittens got a little curious about my daughter.

Thank you for watching and have a blessed day!


Apr 172014
ID 100207643 300x272 <h1>Calling All Bloggers – Guest Bloggers Wanted</h1>

Guest Bloggers Wanted!
“Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been giving tips on how to increase your blog traffic; today, I’m going to attempt to put one of those tips to use. I am opening up my blog to guest bloggers.

If you love to write blog posts and just can’t seem to find enough places to add your content—this is for you!

I am looking for blog posts that will help my readers—primarily work from home entrepreneurs—to grow their businesses. My blog is geared mainly to those involved with the company MCA (Motor Club of America); however, I also have readers who are running other work from home businesses.

Please take a look at my blog, and the type of content that I regularly produce, to see if you feel your expertise would work on my blog. All blog posts will need to be approved before appearing on this blog. I will include your name, a short byline, your blog link and two social media links.

I will be adding a “Guest Blogger” tab within the next few days. If you are interested now, please leave a comment and we can discuss the type of content you have to offer.

I am also available to guest blog if you feel that my knowledge would fit your readership.

Let’s work together!

Have a great and blessed day!

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Apr 112014


ID 100217496 300x300 <h1>5 Ways to Avoid Work at Home Burnout</h1>

Follow these tips to avoid work at home burn out!
“Image courtesy of Vectorolie / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

Before beginning our work at home careers, many of us had unrealistic expectations regarding the ease and simplicity of said career.


Working at home will be way easier than working outside of the home!
I won’t have all of the stress I have now when I start my work at home business.
I’ll never get tired of my job when I am working at home.

To those statements I say – nonsense, hogwash, poppycock! Those of us with these unrealistic expectations—not everyone has them and not everyone has the same ones—quickly found out that working from home can be just as stressful and tiring as working anywhere else. Especially given the fact that you are now the worker bee and the boss!

Today I want to talk to you about ways you can make your life a little less stressful when you work at home and nip work from home burnout in the bud before it starts.

Balance Your Work at Home Life with a Social Life

All work and no play does indeed make Jack, or Jill, a dull, sad, stressed individual. You need downtime—everyone does. Don’t get so caught up in making your business successful that you don’t enjoy the rewards. Spend time away from your work with family and/or friends. Give yourself permission to have a life outside of work. Take the time each day to read a book, watch a TV show, take a walk or spend a quiet dinner with your family. Working all of the time can quickly lead to burnout and keep you from enjoying the reasons you decided you wanted more freedoms in your work life in the first place.

Learn to Relax During a Stressful Work at Home Day

The work that freelancers, home based business people and other work at home individuals do can be stressful? Well sure it can. For one thing many of us have deadlines that we have to meet—all while still being moms, dads, caregivers or simply living our lives. Stress comes in all sized packages and needs to be controlled so that we can stay productive. My suggestion is to know where your stress level is at—at all times. If you are feeling overwhelmed, walk away for a few minutes and evaluate the situation. You may want to take a walk, meditate, exercise or simply sit and think about something else for a few minutes. Find that one thing that helps you relieve stress (within reason) and do it. Don’t let your stress get the best of you. This is another reason people burnout when they work at home.

Don’t Continually Put Off Difficult Work at Home Tasks

I’ve talked to and interviewed work-at-homers regarding different elements of their work at home life. One of the things that seems to cause a lot of stress—and can lead to burnout—is the putting off of more difficult tasks.

Example: Sherri hates writing proposals; however, writing proposals is required for the type of work from home business she runs. Instead of starting on the proposal right away, Sherri always waits until the very last minute. This practice cause a lot of stress for Sherri. She has to stay up late a couple of days before her deadline to finish, which causes her to lose sleep. And, her proposals are never as good as they should be because she rushes to meet the deadline.

When we do this to ourselves we bring on a lot of unneeded stress. We don’t have to feel this way. Sherri needs to start earlier when completing any task that she sees as a problem. Sherri could also hire someone who is an expert at proposals to help her finish on time. There are always ways to find help in a situation. Don’t let these types of things cause you to feel burned out on a consistent basis.

Put the Times Your Work at Home Productivity is Higher to Good Use

You know you better than anyone. You know when you are the most productive throughout the day. Don’t waste that time! Use those hours to tackle your most difficult work at home tasks, and save the easier tasks for when you aren’t as motivated. Don’t try to multitask all of the time. Divide your time wisely and you will definitely see the benefits. If you are the most productive and motivated from 8am until 10am in the mornings, don’t spend that time reading emails. Use that as your writing time or planning time or whatever you feel you need to work at the most. You should also save this time for any work that has a deadline. Even if the deadline isn’t close, you will have more of the work completed and you can focus on other things.

Have a Work at Home To-Do List

None of us can remember every little thing we need to do on a constant basis. Forgetting tasks until the last minute, or completely, can definitely lead to work at home burnout. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. Make a list each night—or each morning—of all the things that you need to complete during the day. You may want to keep weekly and monthly lists as well. As soon as you complete each task, mark it off of your list. I know it sounds like too simple of a practice, but it really does help. It keeps your mind in check and you don’t have as much stress from feeling as if you have to remember everything.

I hope that you have found this list of ways to avoid work at home burnout to be useful. I would love to hear your tips for relieving stress and avoiding burnout. Leave a comment below and tell me how you keep from getting burnt out when working at home.

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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ID 10079553 300x300 <h1>Boost Your Blog Traffic Tip #3 – Blog Commenting </h1>

Blog commenting not only allows you to give feedback to a blogger, but can also help you increase your own blog traffic.
“Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

Last week I offered up my first two boost your blog traffic tips: The Ultimate Blog Challenge and Guest Blogging. Today I want to talk to you about blog commenting.

One of the things that sets a blog apart from a website is the ability to post comments and engage visitor interaction. Blog visitors can let a blogger know how they felt about their post. They may agree with the post. They may disagree. They may even have something unique and valuable to add to the conversation.
But how will blog commenting (you commenting on other blogs) help you bring in more traffic to your blog?

As a blogger you want to continually create more ways for blog readers to find your blog. One of the ways you can do this is by commenting on other blogs. Every time you leave a comment, and you fill out the comment form, you are leaving a way for blog readers to find you. They can click on the highlighted link and make their way to your blog—keeping them there is up to you and your blog content.

If the blogs you are commenting on have certain plug-ins installed—such as CommentLuv or Livefyre—a link to your last blog post will show up below your comment. This allows viewers to see the title of your last post and follow the link directly to it. I use CommentLuv on this blog. I love it! 

Blog commenting can also help you procure guest posting spots. As a blogger, I often follow links to posts of bloggers who have left comments on my site. I have found several blogs I know follow just from those comments. If a fellow blogger likes what they see (from your comment and your own blog posts) they may feel inclined to ask you to guest post on their blog.

I hope you have found this boost your blog traffic tip on blog commenting helpful! Please check out the first two boost your blog traffic tips listed below:

Boost Your Blog Traffic Tip #1 – The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Boost Your blog Traffic Tip #2 – Guest Blogging

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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ID 100101766 300x300 <h1>MCA Motor Club of America Associate   What is Your Motivation?</h1>

MCA Motor Club of America Associate, What is your motivation? “Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

Are you an MCA Motor Club of America Associate who just can’t seem to get your business off the ground? Have you tried everything you can think of to make your business successful, but just can’t catch a break? Most of us feel this way, at one time or another, through out our careers–no matter what type of business we are in. One of the keys to being a success is to be motivated. Without motivation, we won’t build our business to a level of success.

So I ask you, MCA Motor Club of America Associate, what is your motivation? Do you keep this motivation in mind when you are working your business? Are you properly motivated to begin with?

You need to be setting goals in your business. Small goals that will help you reach your larger goals. If you are struggling with your MCA Motor Club of America business, or any business for that matter, please take a look at the video below.

If you are a member of my MCA Motor Club of America team, meaning you signed up under me, please contact me for information on how to grow your business. If you are looking to join MCA, please leave a comment or drop me an email at info@MCAworkfromhome.com and I will gill you in on how you can be a success with MCA.

Have a blessed day.

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Apr 042014
ID 100100989 300x225 <h1>How to Generate More Leads for Your Business Using Your Blog</h1>

Three tips to generate more leads for your business.
“Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

If you are an online marketer, odds are you are constantly trying to find new ways to generate more leads for your business. Gathering leads can be tricky; however, it is your job to find people who are interested in purchasing your product or service. But how do you effectively generate quality leads for your business using your blog? Check out these 3 tips to help you with lead generation.

Write More Content

Whether you are trying to bring more traffic to your blog, raise your search engine ranking or generate more leads, writing useful content is one of the most important things you can do. Let me point out that just any content won’t work—you need to ensure that your content is top quality. Your content needs to be useful to your readers, not just give them fluff to read. Providing useful, keyword rich content—and lots of it—will provide entryways (urls) to your blog. The more entryways you have floating around the web, the easier your blog is to find. If you are writing just one post per week, you probably aren’t pulling in a lot of leads. If you don’t think this tip works, try increasing your blog posts to one post per day for several weeks (during the Ultimate Blog Challenge is a great time to try this out). Track your results. The more visitors you have to your blog, the more likely hood of reaching those who are interested in your product or service.

Make Sharing Your Content Easy

If you are looking to generate more leads for your business, you will want to make it super easy for blog viewers to share your posts. Add social media sharing tools to your blog. This allows readers to Tweet your posts on Twitter or share your posts on Facebook with ease. The easier it is to share your content, the more often people will take the time to share what you have written. While they may not be interested in what you have to offer, someone on their social media sites may be very interested.

Comment On Other Blogs

If you are looking to generate more leads for your business, you need to consider commenting on more blogs. When you leave a comment on someone’s blog, you generate a link back to your blog by filling out the comment form on the blogger’s website. If they utilize “CommentLuv”, you will also leave a link to your last post. If you are comment on popular, good-quality, blogs it can definitely help you to gain readers and generate more leads for your business. Try commenting on three to five relevant blogs per day for about a month and see what this practice can do for your blog.

There are several other ways to generate more leads for your business, but these three tips can definitely put you on your way to increasing your leads.

What lead generating tips do you have to offer? How do you generate leads?

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

Apr 032014


ID 100211047 300x225 <h1>Boost Your Blog Traffic Tip #2 – Guest Blogging</h1>

Guest blogging helps boost your blog traffic. “Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

If you stopped by my blog yesterday, you may have read the first post in my Boost Your Blog Traffic Series. I hope you enjoyed it. Today I want to offer up tip #2 in building your blog traffic – guest blogging. Guest blogging allows you to make new connections with other bloggers and to increase the amount of people you reach with your posts. Whether you are working a work from home opportunity, such as Motor Club of America (my personal work from home choice), or running a “mommy” blog, increasing the amount of people you reach with your posts is crucial. Here is how guest posting can help increase your traffic and build a bigger following for your blog.

Guest blogging helps build your standing as an authority figure.

When you guest blog, you write a post that will appear on another person’s blog. It will help you gather links back to your website and help build your presence as an authority in your field. After all, the person you are guest blogging for most likely doesn’t choose just anyone to post on their blog. Their readers trust their opinions and decisions, which is why they follow the blogger’s blog. By allowing you to post on their blog, the blogger is saying “Hey, take a look at this person’s post, they have something to offer you.”. This helps build your standing as an authority figure and someone who can be trusted.

Guest blogging helps spread the word about your blog

Your guest post will reach people and allow you to gain new readers. The readers of the the blog you are guest posting on have most likely never even heard of you or your blog. It allows you to spread your knowledge and information to individuals who aren’t familiar with what you have to say or what you do. If they find value in your guest post, they will follow your link over to your blog to see what else you have to say. This is a great way to build readership and make new connections.

Guest blogging drives traffic to your blog from search engines.

We all want search engine love, but it isn’t always easy to get. Guest blogging can help you gain traffic through the search engines—if done correctly. First off, you want to ensure that your content is quality. Second, you want to ensure that you aren’t guest posting for just any old site that will accept your post. Links from spammy, low quality, websites aren’t going to help you and will be looked poorly upon by the search engines. Chose websites that offer quality content and provide real worth to readers—then, do the same yourself.

If you have content you feel would engage my readers and grow their businesses, please feel free to drop me an email at info@MCAworkfromhome.com.

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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Apr 022014
UBC bannerbox Boost Your Blog Traffic Tip #1 – Join the Ultimate Blog Challenge</h1>

Boost your blog traffic tip #1 – take the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

Looking to increase your blog traffic, gain more followers and increase your sales? If so, you will want to follow along with my boost your blog traffic tip series. Over the next few posts, I will be offering valuable information to help you increase the amount of traffic to your blog, which can also help increase the amount of products or services you sale—depending on the business of your blog.

For today’s boost your blog traffic tip, I want to introduce you to a online quarterly event that can help you increase your blog traffic. It is the Ultimate Blog Challenge, hosted by Michelle Shaeffer and Michele Scism. This event challenges the participants to post one blog post per day for a month. Now you may be asking why you should take this challenge and how it well help boost your blog traffic. I’m glad you asked. Let’s explore.

1. Keeps you disciplined.

Anyone who runs a blog—personal or business—knows that it can be difficult to stay disciplined where writing blog posts is concerned. When you begin your blog, you are excited and ready to post almost every day. Then the excitement turns to monotony. You start focusing on other parts of your business and you forget to post regularly. Or, it just doesn’t seem important. If you want to continue to bring visitors to your blog, you must write blog posts. The Ultimate Blog Challenge will help you build that discipline; you may not continue to post every day after the challenge, but you will better understand the importance of frequent blog posts. Frequent blog posts bring more traffic to your blog.

2. Builds your blog readership.

When you join the Ultimate Blog Challenge, you agree to read and share posts from other bloggers. At the same time, other bloggers are reading and sharing your blog posts. This helps to build up a following. Whether you gain a follower from the list of bloggers, or someone they share your post with, someone along the way will enjoy what you have written. Then that person will share your post—and so on, and so on. You need blog readers, you want blog readers. Working together the Ultimate Blog Challenge bloggers help to build a larger blog readership for each other.

3. Builds connections.

There is just something about connecting with other bloggers that I find…ummmm….helpful. Most of the people who read my blog are individuals interested in signing up with Motor Club of America or Motor Club of America associates who need help with building their business. I need these people to read my blog. It grows my business and increases my income. However, I also feel I need other bloggers to read my blog as well. Bloggers see your blog differently than potential customers. They have an understanding regarding how this whole thing works and how it needs to work in order to grow your business. Even the best blogger in the world can benefit from feedback from others with the same goals—to increase our readership and grow our businesses. We need the interaction that can come about from taking the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

4. Creates a habit.

Humans are creatures of habit—which also includes bloggers! If we participate in an activity long enough, it seeps into our brains and develops into something that simply becomes natural. If you are determined to blog long-term, you need your blogging ritual to become a habit. Participating in the challenge, even if you only post 20 out of the 31 days, creates that type of habit. You want to get into a routine with your blog. A routine where writing a blog post is as common as checking your email. Once you have built that habit, posting to your blog won’t seem like a chore—it will simply be an activity that you complete in order to grow your blog and your business.

It isn’t too late to join the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Just click on the link provided and follow the instructions. I am sure that you will find this first boost your blog traffic tip beneficial.

As always, if you are interested in learning more about Motor Club of America, leave a comment or send an email to info@MCAworkfromhome.com.

Happy blogging. Have a blessed day.

pixel Boost Your Blog Traffic Tip #1 – Join the Ultimate Blog Challenge</h1>