Oct 032017
MCA pic 300x137 Try MCA Risk Free for 30 Days. Join Now!

Try MCA Risk Free!

Have you been tempted to join MCA, but are just unsure if it is right for you? What if I told you that there is a risk free way to check out MCA for 30 days? Would you be ready to check out this business opportunity?

That’s right! Thirty whole days to find out if Motor Club of America is a company you would like to promote. There has never been a better time to check out this awesome company and learn just how much you can earn by being a Motor Club of America Associate! If you join MCA, (through this special promotion only!) during the month of October, you will receive your initial joining fee, of $39.95, back. This promotion makes it virtually RISK FREE to join a company that has been in the business of offering an awesome service and great benefits to its customers since 1926!


1) You must use a debit card or bank account ACH debit to pay the $39.95 at the time of sign up. It must be an account or card that has never used by another member who signed up with MCA. Absolutely no pre-paid or re-loadable cards or the offer is void.

2)Your $39.95 will be returned to you after you have remained a member for 30 days. The $39.95 will be returned by Paypal or mailed money order, as long as you follow rule #1.

3) You must remain an active member of Motor Club of America for 30 day–without cancelling the service.

It’s that simple! To find out more about this promotion, click on the video below and then follow the link underneath the video to request more information.

I look forward to working with you!

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Jun 102015

stacey logo June Promotion: Try Motor Club of America Risk Free

Have you considered becoming a Motor Club of America Associate, but just aren’t sure that MCA is the right fit for you? Now, with my June Promotion, you can try out this fabulous company for 30 days without any further obligation.

That’s right! Thirty whole days to find out if Motor Club of America is a company you would like to promote. There has never been a better time to check out this great company and learn just how much you can earn by being a Motor Club of America Associate! If you join MCA, (through this promotion only!) during the month of June, you will receive your initial joining fee, of $39.95, back. This promotion makes it virtually RISK FREE to join a company that has been in the business of offering wonderful benefits to its customers since 1926!


1) You must use a debit card or bank account ACH debit to pay the $39.95 at the time of sign up. It must be an account or card that has not been used by another member when they signed up. Absolutely no pre-paid or re-load able cards or offer is void

2)Your $39.95 will be returned to you after you have been a member for 30 days, via Paypal or mailed money order, as long as rule #1 was followed

3) You must remain an active member of MCA for 30 days without cancelling the service.

It’s that easy! To learn more about the promotion, please click on the video below and then follow the link below the video to request more information.

I look forward to working with you!



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Jan 272014

Heard a lot about MCA Motor Club but just aren’t sure if you could make money marketing their benefits package? Do you wonder what the MCA work from home associates package would offer you? Well, wonder no more.

There are two reasons individuals decide to join MCA; they either want to become an MCA member, taking advantage of the great MCA Motor Club benefits, or they want to earn an income with MCA—and enjoy the benefits as well. In this article, I am going to break down all of the benefits offered to MCA members and MCA associates. Let’s get started!

MCA Motor Club Benefits Package

The MCA plan offers ERS or Emergency Roadside Service to individuals needing help when stranded with a vehicle problem. Whether you have ran out of gas, had a flat tire, or experienced a dead battery, MCA will dispatch someone to help you with your issue.

If your vehicle needs repair, you will be provided with towing services, so that you can tow your vehicle in for repairs. The plan allows your vehicle to be towed up to 100-hundred miles from the point where the vehicle became inoperable.

The MCA Motor Club plan is not only for vehicles, but also covers boats, motorcycles, RVs, livestock trailers or dually trucks. The benefits plan is offered for these vehicles at no additional charge to you—the member. Locked out of your vehicle? Never fear! You can contact MCA and they will provide information regarding a locksmith to help you out of your situation.

As a member of the MCA motor club plan you will also receive ER (Emergency Room) benefits in case you are injured. The protection plan covers items such as casts, x-rays, lab work and nursing and/or physician care. If you are hospitalized, you will receive one hundred fifty ($150) per day as a daily hospital benefit. This amount is paid directly to you and is honored up to $54,750.00. Being hospitalized because of a vehicle accident is something most of us hope will never happen and don’t often think about—until it happens. If you find yourself in an accident and needing hospital care, the MCA Motor Club protection plan is there to help you cover your expenses while you recover from the accident. The protection plan also offers an accidental death coverage benefit and an accidental death benefit plan.

Again, these benefits are paid directly to you. If your regular vehicle insurance policy covers all of your physician and hospital expenses, you still receive the money from the MCA Motor Club benefits plan. There are also other benefits, such as hotel discounts, that you will enjoy when you enroll as a member.

You can check out all of the great benefits offered by MCA Motor Club by reviewing the MCA Presentation Book.


MCA Motor Club Associates Package

If you are considering joining the MCA Motor Club and becoming an MCA work from home representative, you will be glad to know that you will enjoy all of the above benefits—just like any member of MCA. However, you will also have the ability to earn an income with your new MCA business.

MCA associates receive $80 for every qualified referral they send to the company. Motor Club of America does not pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to the media for advertising; instead, MCA pays its associates to market the business. Every time you sign up an individual to become either an MCA member or an MCA associate, you receive $80.00 for that referral. There are not many companies out there that pay their associates such a high referral fee.

As an MCA associate you also receive free training, a free company website and a free back office website full of materials and information to help you with your new business. The company also provides its associates with conference calls and webinars to help those who are new to the business or new to marketing in general.

The money you earn as an MCA associate is direct deposited weekly into your checking account—allowing you the added benefit of not waiting on a check to arrive in the mail.

My Personal MCA Work From Home Experience

The MCA Motor Club has been such a blessing to me and my family. I have been able to help my husband provide for our family with the added income, while continuing to be at home for our five children. In 2013, I was able to bring in over $52,000. with MCA. I am thankful to God above for allowing me to find this wonderful company.

I have also used the membership benefits several times. Knowing that I have piece of mind when I am on the road with my children—and something should happen—is a wonderful feeling.

If you are skeptical, know that I was too. I researched the company many times, scrutinizing every level, until I was comfortable with MCA. If you have any questions, I would love to provide you with answers and show you how you can start your own MCA work from home business.

Jan 142014


MCA logo <h1>What is MCA? An Introduction to My Business Opportunity</h1>

Ever wonder “What is MCA”?


I constantly get asked the question “just what is MCA?”, when I tell people about one of the business opportunities I work as a work from home mom. Given the copious amount of questions regarding MCA, also known as Motor Club of America, I have decided to dedicate the rest of the week to providing information about this opportunity.

What is MCA?

Motor Club of America was started in 1926 to provide protection to truckers. In October 2011, MCA redeveloped it’s protection plan to include personal vehicles. This protection plan is not insurance, but a roadside assistance program. If you break down on the road, whether you run out of gas, have a flat tire or your car simply stops working, MCA will provide you with help depending on your situation. MCA also offers a host of other benefits to its members. Check out all of the additional benefits MCA offers.

How Do You Make Money with MCA?

MCA Associates earn money by marketing the MCA benefits program, either to those interested in using the roadside assistance program or those who want to market the program. MCA pays its associates $80. for every qualified referral, which is deposited into their checking account the following week. If you refer 10 people to the program this week—Sunday through Saturday—MCA will deposit $800., into your account the following Friday. While many people are skeptical at first—I know I was—once they join, and work the program, they see the possibilities. (I actually made over $55,000. with MCA in 2013.)

How Do You Market the MCA Opportunity?

I market the MCA opportunity many different ways. One way is by providing information right here on my blog. When individuals visit my page they can access all of the information I have provided on my pages and in various blog posts. I also utilize a capture page, where people can leave their name and email address to gain even more information about becoming an MCA associate. I also post ads on various classified advertisement websites. I’ve joined blogging groups, where I share my blog posts. I sometimes write articles for e zines regarding work from home topics and add a link back to my website. And, I also utilize sites like Facebook and Twitter to share information. There are many different ways in which you can market MCA to get information out about the money making opportunity.

I hope that this blog post has helped answer a few questions regarding the question “What is MCA?”. If you would like further information regarding Motor Club of America, please leave your questions in the comments section or email me at info@MCAworkfromhome.com.

Visit my blog tomorrow when I will outline the many benefits of the MCA program.

While you are here, stick around and watch my latest video regarding MCA. Have a blessed day!


Dec 052013
527788 10150908566022955 1101423158 n Choosing MCA Benefits Just Makes Sense

MCA Benefits

If you are not familiar with what MCA benefits provides its members and associates, you need to take a closer look at the program. When I began my MCA journey I honestly joined because I saw the earnings potential; and to me the potential to earn an income is one of the benefits. I am able to work from my home, without having to go outside of my house to earn an income, and enjoy the freedom that being your own boss can offer.

But the other MCA benefits are equally as important. Keep in mind that as an MCA associate, you are entitled to all of the benefits that members receive. (And those who sign up as an MCA member also have the option of marketing the program—if they choose to do so at some point.

Even if you aren’t wanting to make an extra income with Motor Club of America, everyone needs a roadside assistance service at some point. Motor Club of America offers roadside assistance, benefits and a way to earn an extra income—you don’t find that type of package very often.

What MCA Benefits Are Offered?

When you sign up to receive roadside assistance and MCA benefits you are signing up for a program that is available to you 24 hours a day/7days a week. Whether you call MCA at 11 o’clock in the day or 2 o’clock in the morning, they will assist you with your issue. That is peace of mind.

If your vehicle is broken down, the MCA dispatcher will dispatch a tow truck to you. You will receive unlimited towing to the destination of your choice—up to 100 miles from where your vehicle broke down. You are also eligible for a $100 reimbursement which covers your car, truck RV, motorcycle, boat, dually pickup truck or even your livestock trailer.

Another one of the great MCA benefits involves the emergency room benefit. If you are involved in an accident involving your vehicle you are eligible to receive $500 to help cover emergency room costs. This money is made payable to you—not to your ER physician or to the insurance company. You directly receive this benefit.

If admitted to the hospital, you are eligible to receive $150. per day as another one of your MCA benefits. This amount will be provided to you up to $54,750, depending on how long you need to be hospitalized.

Part of the MCA benefits package also includes a $500 cash bond provided when you are involved in traffic violation which results in your arrest.

You will also receive help with vacation planning and help in making your travel reservations.

Honestly, these are just a few of the MCA benefits offered by Motor Club of America. If you would like more information regarding all of the MCA benefits I have written about in this article—or you would like to know more about the other benefits offered by Motor Club of America—leave a comment or send an email to info@MCAworkfromhome.com


Oct 292013
ID 10019686 300x206 Need Christmas Cash? MCA Can Help

Need extra Christmas Cash? Let me help!
Image courtesy of Dream Designs] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It is the time of year when everyone scrambles to figure out how to bring in extra money for the upcoming holidays. If you need Christmas cash, you should consider becoming an MCA Associate. Becoming an MCA Associate is a great way to bring in extra cash without having to take a 2nd job outside of the home; it is also a good way to replace a current income, if that is something you are trying to do—but right now we want to talk about bringing in money for the holidays.

I know how hard it can be to earn extra money to buy all of the things you need and want to buy for the holidays. I have five children, so I know how expensive toys and other presents can be—no matter the age of your children. When I joined MCA over a year ago, I had big hopes for this opportunity and it hasn’t let me down. Not only has MCA been a great way to make extra Christmas cash, but it has turned into a full time income for my family.

I did all of the research and asked a million questions before joining MCA, simply because I had been burnt by scams before and didn’t want to go down that road again. I can tell you that MCA is the real deal and it can help you bring in an extra income for your family. On top of the income, you will also receive all of the benefits of the MCA program and all of the additional discounts. Just check out all of the great benefits and discounts provided to MCA members.

If you would like to receive $80 for every member or associate you sign up for the MCA program, and earn some awesome Christmas cash, contact me today at info@MCAworkfromhome.com.

Let the Holiday Season begin!

Not sure MCA can help you earn Christmas Cash? Check out my August 2013 earnings.  And here is a YouTube Video that details what I made in August!

Sep 172013

Due to my success with MCA, and my MCA Work From Home website, everyone has been asking me how I have managed to become so successful in a short amount of time. It is a valid question and one I have thought long and hard about how to answer. The answer is easy; however, putting all of the information together in a way everyone can effectively use it, is not. There are many things I have done on my blog to market MCA, as well as specific ways I have completed these tasks.

So, for everyone who is dying to know how I’ve made money with MCA, and my MCA Work From Home blog, I am co-writing an Ebook. This Ebook will walk you through, step by step, everything I have done to market my business. Along with the Ebook, I will (with the help of my friend who is co-authoring the Ebook) be launching a work from home website dedicated to all things WAHM.

On this website we will talk about everything it takes to become a work at home mom or dad. We will go over all of the programs and applications which can help you grow your business, as well as discuss how you can grow your business without spending a fortune. I am very excited about the new website and the new Ebook.

Don’t worry, MCA Work From Home will still be here. I will continue to share information that will help you grow your Motor Club of America business, as well as information that will help you no matter what business you are running.

I hope that all of my viewers will visit the new website and check out the new Ebook. I will be posting more information as we reach new milestones on both!

Leave a comment, let me know if you love MCA Work From Home and think a WAHM mom website can help you with your business.

Jun 192013


ID 10088314 <h1>MCA Work from Home Opportunity</h1>

“Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”

When researching the MCA work from home opportunity, you may ask yourself if this can really work for you. You’ve probably seen the claims that you can make over $1,000 a week and are thinking to yourself that this opportunity is too good to be true. Well, you can truly make that much and more, but the choice is up to you.

You may also be asking yourself if this MCA work from home offer is legitimate. The Motor Club of America has been in business since 1926 and has become a well-respected company over those years. The reason MCA has managed to stay in business for so long is because of the quality service MCA offers—as well as the low price. The MCA Protection Plan gives drivers additional roadside assistance for highway mishaps that can provide customers with a piece of mind they wouldn’t have without this protection plan. MCA is a legitimate and long-established company with a stellar reputation.

Yet, you may wonder if you have the time to invest to make MCA work from home succeed for you. Well, do you have an extra hour a day? Maybe some free time on the weekends? MCA doesn’t utilize traditional advertising channels such as radio or television to promote their product. Most of MCA’s customers are brought to them by associates promoting the product that they use themselves. In this day and age, everyone has a Facebook page or a Twitter account, which allows them to reach several hundred people instantly. Social media provides an excellent way to promote MCA and get the word out to your family and friends—as well as anyone that can view their posts. Another way is to create your own website to direct potential members to, which is not as time-consuming or difficult as it sounds.

You may still be a little skeptical about the MCA work from home opportunity but what do you really have to lose? All it takes to get started is $40, the cost of your first and last months’ membership fees. That’s all you have to invest, and even if you never sign up a new member, you still get all the benefits of the protection plan. If you sign up just one person, then you will receive $80, which covers your membership plus gives you an extra $40. The more you spread the word and the more members you sign, the larger the paycheck.

With a little effort and a little determination, MCA can allow you to work from home. If working from home sounds like something that would suit you, and work with your lifestyle, then the MCA Work from Home Opportunity might just be the opportunity for you to join.

Apr 112013

Understanding How the MCA Benefits Program Works

You might be considering becoming a MCA Associate, but wondering what MCA benefits are available to you. MCA associates receive all the benefits of the MCA Protection Plan that the members receive, and they get the added benefit of earning a weekly paycheck

MCA associates receive 24-hour roadside assistance, as well as all of the other benefits outlined in the MCA Presentation Book. MCA associates also receive free training to help them grow their income by promoting the MCA benefits program. That is right; no experience is required to become a MCA associate. You train as you earn and work at your own pace. MCA associates have control over their own hours and complete flexibility. This is especially beneficial for stay at home moms, or dads, who have little children to take care of, as they have to  work around their children’s schedule.

One of the many MCA benefits that associates enjoy is the weekly paycheck. Associates will receive their paycheck every Friday either by direct deposit. The paycheck can range from $80 to over $1000, depending on how many new members the associate signs up. This could be a great way to supplement your income or could become a full-time job. 

MCA benefits received by members of the MCA Protection Plan also extend to MCA associates. They also have access to the roadside assistance program to help with any highway mishaps. This includes flat tires, dead batteries and towing services up to 100 miles. This plan also provides for hospital stays, and has an accidental death coverage and benefit plan. Associates can take advantage of hotel and rental car discounts as well as discounts on vision and dental care and prescriptions. 

Obtaining MCA Benefits is Easy

Simply sign up and begin receiving these great MCA benefits. Becoming an associate can provide you with a secondary income or put you on the way to a full-time career. As with any job, that all depends on the work you put into it. You can put in a few hours a week or as much time as you have available—and you will quickly see the rewards from your efforts. The best way to experience what MCA benefits there are is to jump in and become a member.

pixel <h1>Lets Talk About MCA Benefits</h1>