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woman working 300x199 <h1>Do you have the right personality type to succeed while working from home?</h1>

Do you have the right personality type to work from home?
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I have talked to you before about working from home successfully and offered 5 Tips to A Successful Work from Home Career; but, today, I want to talk to you about working from home and your personality. Recently, I ran across an article on WAHM.com. The article, “Is Working from Home Right for Your Personality Type?”, talks about the different personalities exhibited by various people and whether each is a good fit for a work from home job or business.

The article lists the following personality types: self-starter, Introvert, Extrovert and Problem Solver. Each of these different personality types possess different attributes that help each person succeed while working from home.

The article talks about how each of the attributes possessed by the specific personality types can cause an individual to better perform specific tasks relevant to successfully working from home. For example: self-starters have leadership abilities and do not need direction from outside individuals. These traits are perfect for the work from home individual as they will be responsible for completing their own tasks and will not (most often) have a boss watching their productivity. Another example lists Introverts as being energized when working alone. These individuals would rather work by themselves, without the influence of other individuals.

I found this article very interesting and insightful. I, myself, fall into the Extrovert category. I pride myself in being a good communicator and I enjoy sharing my opportunity with individuals on the phone or online.

What work from home personality are you?

pixel <h1>Do you have the right personality type to succeed while working from home?</h1>
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