Apr 112013

Understanding How the MCA Benefits Program Works

You might be considering becoming a MCA Associate, but wondering what MCA benefits are available to you. MCA associates receive all the benefits of the MCA Protection Plan that the members receive, and they get the added benefit of earning a weekly paycheck

MCA associates receive 24-hour roadside assistance, as well as all of the other benefits outlined in the MCA Presentation Book. MCA associates also receive free training to help them grow their income by promoting the MCA benefits program. That is right; no experience is required to become a MCA associate. You train as you earn and work at your own pace. MCA associates have control over their own hours and complete flexibility. This is especially beneficial for stay at home moms, or dads, who have little children to take care of, as they have to  work around their children’s schedule.

One of the many MCA benefits that associates enjoy is the weekly paycheck. Associates will receive their paycheck every Friday either by direct deposit. The paycheck can range from $80 to over $1000, depending on how many new members the associate signs up. This could be a great way to supplement your income or could become a full-time job. 

MCA benefits received by members of the MCA Protection Plan also extend to MCA associates. They also have access to the roadside assistance program to help with any highway mishaps. This includes flat tires, dead batteries and towing services up to 100 miles. This plan also provides for hospital stays, and has an accidental death coverage and benefit plan. Associates can take advantage of hotel and rental car discounts as well as discounts on vision and dental care and prescriptions. 

Obtaining MCA Benefits is Easy

Simply sign up and begin receiving these great MCA benefits. Becoming an associate can provide you with a secondary income or put you on the way to a full-time career. As with any job, that all depends on the work you put into it. You can put in a few hours a week or as much time as you have available—and you will quickly see the rewards from your efforts. The best way to experience what MCA benefits there are is to jump in and become a member.

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