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No matter where you are with your business—whether it is growing rapidly, sitting stagnant or just getting started—the New Year is a great time to put new life into your work at home business. The New Year brings a chance to start over, to redo things differently. It also give us a chance to really start fresh. If you are looking to revive your work at home business, follow these tips to start your New Year out with a bang.

Set Goals

Many of you are most likely tired of hearing how you need to set goals for your business. Isn’t wanting to be successful and earning money enough? No it isn’t! If you are serious about your business, you need to get serious about setting goals. In order to achieve a goal you need to actually be working toward it—and you can’t do that by simply thinking about the goal from time to time.

Set weekly, monthly, bi-yearly and yearly goals. Determine exactly what you want to accomplish in the next year and where you want to be at that time. Once you have done this, you will want to determine what weekly and monthly goals you need to set that will get you to your yearly goal. Breaking down your goals sets a clear path to your ultimate destination.

Become Organized

If you aren’t already an organizational freak, become one. Okay, maybe you don’t have to go that far; however, it will help you improve the daily workings of your business to become better organized. Maybe you need to keep better track of your tax paperwork than you did last year. Perhaps you aren’t keeping up with client files. Find the area you are weakest in and work on becoming more organized in that department.

Stop Kidding Yourself Regarding Your Weaknesses

Whether you are working at home or outside of the home, all of us have tasks we have to complete that we don’t like or just aren’t good at. Don’t keep attempting to complete those important tasks—without proper instruction or help. If there is an activity that you need help with consider hiring someone who is competent and skilled in that area. If you can’t afford to hire help at this point in your career, think about taking a class to help improve your abilities in that part of your business. This is a New Year, time to take control of your work at home business.

Find Some “Me” Time

I don’t know how many times this was said to me before it finally sunk in. I was working day and night. I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning, before the children got up, and I would stay up much later than I should have in order to complete work that just couldn’t wait. The truth is that most of the work could have waited, I was just being too fastidious. Don’t forget the YOU in YOUr work at home business. It is important to take some time for yourself. Go out and have lunch with a friend, watch a movie with your family or just sit and read a book. Also, don’t forget to get enough sleep. You are no good to anyone if you aren’t rested and ready to run your work at home business the right way.

Sep 132012

As I have spoken about before, I searched quite a long time to find a work from home opportunity that I really loved. I had tried several other types of work at home jobs and businesses; some I loved and some I could have done without–to be completely honest. However, I can honestly say that Motor Clubs of America is one of the best opportunities I have ever run across.

My husband and I have a sizable family, we have five beautiful, wonderful children, and it takes money to keep our household running. I knew that any opportunity that I found would not only be legitimate, but that it would allow me to make money, and enough of it, to contribute a good amount to our monthly income.
My work from home opportunity, Motor Clubs of America (MCA), allows me to bring in $80 from every sale of the outstanding benefits program it offers. The money that I now add to our overall income enables me to help provide for my family and give them the things they need. Other opportunities I have tried in the past brought in a little money, but not what I am able to earn with MCA.

If you are questioning whether or not this work from home opportunity is right for you, let me tell you it is worth looking into. In just one day, you could be well on your way to providing a more secure lifestyle for your family and having the peace of mind that you can meet their needs.

Please check out my little work from home video at the bottom of this article. I have a special guest appearance at the end that I know you will enjoy!

Have a Great Day; Make a Great Life and Enjoy All that You Have been Blessed with!

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With all of the different opportunities regarding how to make money online, while working at home, it can be difficult to choose one that truly works for you. Before trying my hand at MCA, I tried several other opportunities—good, solid opportunities—that just did not fit into my life. I knew there had to be something out there that would allow me to work at home, care for my children on my own and still be able to earn an income; so, I kept looking. That is when I found information regarding MCA motor club.

I have to admit that I am normally leery of any opportunity that promises you can make money right away, especially a large amount of money. However, Motor Club of America seemed promising. I read up on the company, checked it out with the better business bureau and spoke to individuals who claimed to be making a living with MCA. Once I was satisfied with the authenticity of the company, I decided to join the MCA work at home opportunity and see if I could actually make money with the company.  To my surprise, and absolute delight, MCA turned out to be exactly what everyone promised, a solid money making business.

How the MCA Opportunity Works

Thankfully, making money with MCA is not rocket science, and even though it requires effort, it is not difficult. MCA, or Motor Club of America, offers a needed service that helps motorists when their vehicle is broken down. Besides the roadside assistance program, MCA also offers an abundance of other benefits equally valuable to MCA customers. As an MCA Associate, I simply share the value of the program benefits with other individuals, all while I work at home. I earn $80.00 every time someone decides to take part in the program benefits or chooses to become an MCA Associate him or herself. That is right, $80.00 for every person that I sign up for MCA. During the 1st three weeks with MCA, I made over $1,500.00 dollars; below you can see my statement showing the exact amount.

Staceys three week income21 How to make money while you work at home with MCA

My income with MCA the first three weeks!

As you can see, my payments steadily grew within the company, and all I have done is market the program on different Internet websites, such as Facebook and others. The absolute best thing about this opportunity is that MCA provides weekly paychecks to its associates, meaning I do not have to wait forever to receive my paycheck. I am paid each Friday for my work from the following week.

MCA has offered me a great work at home opportunity and is allowing me to make money from home just by sharing my story with people just like you.

Would you like to earn a legitimate income from home, without having to jump through hoops? Have questions? Click the link below and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.


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