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stacey logo What is MCA?When people begin asking what I do for a living, the next question I normally receive is what is MCA? In this post, I am going to attempt to give you a rundown of MCA, also known as Motor Club of America and the basics of the associate’s compensation plan.

MCA was founded in 1926, when it began providing roadside assistance coverage to truck drivers. After a long, successful run, MCA decided that the MCA benefits plan should include personal automobiles and farm vehicles; so, in October 2011, MCA’s protection plan was changed to include those types of vehicles.

MCA offers a valuable roadside assistance service, providing help when you have a dead battery, a flat tire or need to be towed up to 100 miles from where your vehicle breakdown occurred. While these benefits are a must-have for anyone with an automobile, MCA also provides an emergency room benefit, a hospital stay benefit, an accidental death benefit and a prescription drug discount card—along with other various benefits.

In explaining what is MCA, I need to let you know that it is not only a benefits protection plan for you and your vehicle; but, also a way to earn a substantial income from home. MCA does not advertise through television, radio or other normal means of commercial advertisement. Instead, Motor club of America depends on its associates, who are also members of MCA, to provide word of mouth advertising about the company’s outstanding benefits. With this type of advertising, MCA associates earn $80 for every new member they personally bring to MCA. If you sign up just one person 5 days a week, you would earn $400 each week. Could you use an extra $400 each week?

Now when asked what is MCA, I let everyone know what a great company Motor Club of America is and how they can earn a profitable income with MCA. This company provides individuals with a means to work at home and provides a competitive wage. Where else can you make $80 every time you bring someone else into a program? Whether you would like the have the peace of mind that comes with being an MCA member or you would like to earn an extra income as an MCA associate, MCA may be for you.

If you would like to know more about the great MCA benefits program or still have questions regarding what is MCA, leave a comment below or contact me at info@MCAworkfromhome.com.

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